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UPDATED: Friday Jan 23rd, 2015, 8:00 a.m.

Sault Trailblazers

For Immediate Release

Algoma Country’s District 13 Snowmobile Trails Have Won the Early Season Power Tour Contest!

Yamaha and the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership (OTMPC) will be bringing Yamaha Canada’s Snowmobile Power Tour to Algoma Country for two days of riding on the first trails to open this year in Ontario.

Click Here for the complete Press Release

Sault Trailblazers

Greg, Mary, Mady, Chris and John on the D201F Trail

Sault Trailblazers

Justin and Perry on the D201F Trail to Aubrey Falls.

Black Creek Outfitters

Fresh snow for the region. This photo is from Black Creek Outfitters.

Club Christmas Party - Photos - Wednesday Dec. 10th

Trailblazette Newsletter - Nov 2014

For your enjoyable reading pleasure, the 2nd Issue of the 2015 Trailblazette Newsletter is now available for download from this website and is located in the News and Info section. A huge thank you to Shawn Greenwood for taking the lead in preparing another great edition of the newsletter. Readers always look forward to the Trailblazette. Very much appreciated Shawn.

Meeting - Wed. Nov. 26th - Highlights

The meeting was well attended again last night and you could almost feel the energy and the enthusiasm for the coming sledding season!! Just a reminder that the Christmas party is in less than two weeks away now and tickets are available by contacting

- Financial - $25k in the operating account and $3k in the permit account
- Grooming - the Chapleau BR will be floated up by Oaklin and the brusher will be brought back. Rodney, Phil, Bobby and Greg have all worked hard on the 2005BR and it is ready to roll. There is some thought that we will float it up to Searchmont so that Bobby can take it to Black Creek but all is weather dependent and there are plus temps in the forecast this weekend. Greg moved Big Blue to Rivercity Motorsports for their Black Friday event. Greg has a line on some wheels from a business in the US for $550 each plus shipping. The Shop wants $1093. The parts have been ordered for the 2000BR and work on it will begin as soon as they are here. The packer bar is at the shop - it just needs to be put back together and mounted.

- Signage - Thanks to all of the volunteers that came out on the 15th. Third line was finished off but there are more areas that need to be done. There are "signage packages" on the table upstairs in the club house. These packages include a map and the hardware, the poles and pounder are downstairs. If you can - please think about grabbing one. The north shore loop must be signed as well so when the trails are open - please think about taking some out - there are 20 of them. Next newsletter due out shortly.

- Permits - 30 seasonal and 30 classic have been sold locally. Monday is the last day you can get a seasonal for $210 and a classic for $140. Tuesday December 2nd they go up to $260 and $170.

- Social - A special thank you to Ray and Effie Lavallee for the awesome lunch they served us on Signage day. The float looked great - a big thank you to Alison Verdheccia, Landon Odem, and Bill and Jonah Speers.

Christmas Party and gift exchange on Wednesday December 10th - please contact Karen Donnelly for tickets (257-7615)

The ride to Dunlop Lake on Saturday January 31st is filling up fast - 24 at last count - so if you want to go - let me know!

Snowarama February 7th, Bon Soo February 8th and Trail side BBQ February 15th. Poker run date to be determined - any other ride suggestions? A woman's ring ride was suggested - anyone interested?

- Driver Trainers - two are almost done and ready to go - Jenna VanHoek and Jessica Halcrow but the master driver has to be in attendance for their first course so we may not be able to schedule one prior to Christmas.

- Trail Report - the gates are open - except one. PLEASE - would someone trek out to the gate in the middle of the field and cut the string and open the gate in the middle of the Peter Cypas property off Old Garden River Road. Jeremy got the debris cleared out that was blocking the tunnel and has made arrangements for it to stay open for the winter season.

- Thank you Dan for doing such a great job keeping the website up to date.

- Jeremy has made arrangements with Soo Online to run the OFSC video called Opportunity Knocks.

- The brushing of the Mashagama trail could not be finished due to the early and heavy snow fall. It will be completed in the spring.

- The new staging area on 5th line is progressing. Notices have been sent out to all involved (utilities etc) and it goes to council on the 14th.

- RiverCity Motorsports Black Friday - this Friday from 8-8. Jeremy is looking for some help with the selling of permits - please drop by is you can spare some time.

- District Operations Coordinator - this position has come open and Garnet gave a passionate speech on the importance of this volunteer. He feels this job is even more important than the ASPA president or the governor. The person would be responsible for working with each club, their operations, their signage, their risk managements and their funding. They will act as a liaison between ASPA and the OFSC. If you or anyone you know might me interested - please let me know.

- Aubrey Falls Trading Post - is OPEN again. Accommodations, food and fuel. For weather conditions in the Aubrey Falls area - please refer to

Aubrey Falls Trading Post - Open this Winter

Aubrey Falls Trading Post is now under new management. They are open all season and have full service lodging, restaurant, gas, store & gift shop and can accommodate snowmobile's all season. Quote "We are very excited to help create a great snowmobile season for all your members".

Black Creek Outfitters - Open this Winter

Black Creek Outfitters is open all winter and provide fuel, accomodations and light meals. Each cabin includes Hot & Cold Running water, Refrigerator, stove and propane heater. Cabins 2,3 & 4 have three piece bathrooms included. checkout for pictures and more details about each cabin or call 705 841-2555 and chat with Jean, Don and Donnie.

Trail Groomers

Assistance is always welcome in the Trailblazers Shop on Old Garden River Road. Groomers are being prepared for the 2014 / 15 season and volunteers with mechanical skills are needed. If you wish to help, please contact John Breckenridge at or call the Clubhouse at 705 759-0023 and leave a message.

Seasonal Trail Passes Available Locally

Seasonal Permits are availlable at:

- Hi-Way Variety
- RiverCity MotorSports
- Premier Yamaha
- Goulais River Country Store
- Sault Trailblazers Office (Seasonals and Classics)

*** NOTE: 3 and 7 Day Passes can only be purchased Online via the OFSC website this year. Clubs and local retailers will not have them.

Regular Clubhouse Office Hours: Thu-Fri-Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m

The Clubhouse Office is open Thu-Fri-Sat from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m daily throughout the Snowmobiling Season. Should you require assistance or information, please call: (705) 759-0023

MountainView Lodge

A new addition for riders for 2014 / 15 is MountainView Lodge. Located on the Searchmont highway at Northland, this very picturesque lodge will be open for both food and accommodations. Brennan and crew have a trail available that comes in from the Ranger Lake road at the Glendale / ACR tracks intersection. They can be reached at 705 781-3329.

Blueberry Hill Motel - Goulais

Blueberry Hill will be open for business as usual this winter. They offer room rentals, campsites and their property as a Staging location. Breakfast is included with room rentals. Please feel free to contact Diane and Staff for more information. They are available at 705 649 5631.

One More Gas Station Closed

Goulais River is unfortunately down to 2 fuel stations. Regretfully, the Goulais River General Store, located on highway 552 west recently closed, therefore no more fuel. However, Goulais River Country Store on Highway 17 and Timberland also on Highway 17 have fuel.

Halfway Haven

The club has been informed that Halfway Haven will not be open this winter, therefore, no groomed trail on the top section of the Ranger N/W and Powerline. The Whitman / Domtar trails will be groomed and not affected.

Roxy's Lakeside Grill - Haviland

Once the trails are open, Roxy's is offering 10% off any meal to snowmobilers. Roxy's is also offering their parking lot this winter as a Staging area for those who wish to launch from Haviland. Fuel is also available 2 doors over from Roxy's. For more information, please contact Dave, Roxanne and Staff at 705 649-5912.

Shuttle Service - Catalina Motel

Catalina Motel, in Sault Ste. Marie, is once again offering snowmobile train tour packages and shuttle service to and from the staging area. Catalina Motel also provides International Sled Shuttle service into and out of United States via International Bridge. For additonal information, please contact Dean at (705) 945-9260.

Searchmont Store

Good News! Searchmont now has a store. No fuel at this time though.

Driver's Training

Please call the Clubhouse at 705 759-0023 to get your name on the list for Driver Training, leave a message if you are not able to reach the staff. Our first training course date will be announced this fall.

Fuel Availability - December 2014

Fuel is available in Goulais, Haviland, Black Creek, Airport Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Echo Bay and Bruce Mines. There is no fuel available in Heyden or Searchmont at this time. Please plan your trips with fuel availability in-mind.

Distance Calculations

Goulais to Searchmont is 36 kms (22.5 miles). Searchmont to Black Creek Outfitters is 150 kms (94 miles), Therefore, Goulais to Black Creek Outfitters is 186 kms (116.5 miles), Please plan your trips with fuel supply and availability in-mind.

Join the Club

Are you interesting in joining the club. The fee is $10 per year per family. Please email us: or come out to one of the Club Meetings.  

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Economic Impact of Snowmobiing - Video


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